We Designed the Perfect Weighted Blanket

We looked at the weighted blankets available in the market and knew we could do better. We wanted to create the highest quality product for a fair price.

We partnered with a design partner in North Carolina to solve the major issues with existing blankets: low-quality materials, overheating, uneven weight distribution, bulky design, poor construction, leaking beads, and a lack of washability.

The Weighted Insert

Even Weight Distribution

Other weighted blankets use large, 10-inch grid patterns to hold their weighted material. The fill slides to the corners and doesn't distribute the weight evenly across your body.

We use 6-inch grids to keep the weights in place. Our blanket molds to you and applies the perfect deep pressure to help you sleep and relax.

Ultra-Quiet Glass Beads

Other weighted blankets use cheap plastic pellets to fill their blankets. They're bulky and noisey.

We use ultra-dense glass microbeads. Our blanket is heavy but has a slim profile. When you move under our blanket, the microbeads won't make noise.

The Comfort Duvet Cover

The Comfort Duvet Cover

Temperature Regulating Cotton

Other weighted blankets are made with cheap and fuzzy fibers that overheat.

Our cotton duvet cover lets your skin breathe and doesn’t trap heat. It’s the perfect material for this every-season weighted blanket.

Our blanket is ultra-soft, breathable, cool, comfortable, and durable.

Machine Washable Duvet Cover

Many weighted blankets don't come with a duvet cover. This lowers the price but makes it hard to care for your blanket.

We include a high-quality duvet cover you can easily remove and machine wash. The cover also protects the weighted insert from stains.

This way, you can use your weighted blanket everywhere without having to worry about how hard it is to clean it.

The Honeybird Difference

Features Other Brands Honeybird


Cheap, Synthetic Fiber

Cotton Duvet Layer



Breathable, Cool

Grid Pattern

Large Grids Result in Poor Weight Distribution

Small 4-inch Grid for Even Weight Distribution

Weighted Filling

Cheap, Noisy, Bulky Plastic Pellets

Dense, Quiet Glass Microbeads

Duvet Cover

No Removable Duvet Cover

Removable Duvet Cover

Machine Washable

Not Machine Washable

Machine-Washable Duvet Cover



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