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It's taken me a few days to get use to it. I'm finding that I am sleeping alot better 😌 and the pain I was getting up with every morning is going away that is a Great plus for me..It's making me feel better Avery day..😊

So glad I found it!

Never really thought of a weighted blanket, but then read about your product and decided to give it a try, so glad I did πŸ˜€ sleeping better than I have in years! Very good quality and really does have a claiming effect that helps going and staying asleep! Thank yoz

love it

wow i love it n helped me sleep good n less stress

My Husband Needed One of His Own!

I sleep with my 20lb honeybird weighted blanket every night and love it. My husband tosses and turns so we decided to get him one as well. Since then, we both sleep better!

Honeybird weighted blanket review

The Honeybird weighted blanket I ordered was beautiful and very well made. I am not a candidate for the weighted cover, due to an existing physical concern. I needed to return and it couldn't have been easier and uncomplicated. The whole process was easy and the turnaround was very quick. Thank you Honeybird

10 lbs of confort

The weight of the blanket helps with some of my chronic pain. I will be ordering a heavier one for myself and some as presents

Awesome blanket!


I work overnight. This blanket makes going to sleep during the day a better experience.

Good Night’s Sleep

Thanks to my Honeybird weighted blanket, I am sleeping much more soundly. I suffered from both severe restless leg syndrome and restless limb movement. The blanket is both calming and comfortable.

Weighted Blanket

I bought this blanket for a friend because she's always so cold and has a hard time sleeping at night. She called me after using it for one night and absolutely loved it. She said it's beautiful, has helped her sleep better, and loves the weight.

Gentle hug

Love the feel of the blanket, it feels like my bed is hugging me. I fall asleep quickly and sleep through the night

Love it so much

This weighted blanket is amazing. It was a little too heavy for me but I gave it to my daughter who has ADHD and it's working for her so well. She is sleeping through the night and falling asleep much faster. It's very high quality and well made I would highly recommend this.

The Weighted Blanket (20 Pounds)


So looking forward to receiving my blanket. Have not slept well in months. I believe this will be the answer to my prayers. I want it to come right now! Will write more when I receive it.

The Weighted Blanket with Cover (10 Pounds)

We love it.

My 22 yo son (who is greatly affected by autism) commandeered my blanket. I bought a second on for me. It’s so comforting, we both sleep better.

Great product and service

I think the blanket is working! I'm sleeping better now.

Truly satisfied,,,,

I actually look forward to going to sleep ,,, I know I'm in for a HEAVENLY NIGHTS REST ------ ever since I got my Honeybird,, I can't quit talkin' about it,,, I even had my dghter get me a Blanket Rack so I don't have to put it in the closet ( very satisfied )

The Weighted Blanket with Cover (20 Pounds)

Great product and service

I love my weighted blanket, and your customer service is excellent!

Love it!!


Feels great cool almost like getting a big hug

A good weighted blanket

It has help me sleep at night and the blanket is easy to use.