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Weighted Blankets

I ordered two weighted blankets, a 10# for my 13 year old grandson and a 15# for my 19 year old granddaughter. My original thought had been for them to try one and exchange and then decide which weight they preferred. They are completely happy with the one they got and feel no need to compare. They both say it helps them go to sleep faster and to stay asleep longer. My grandson mentioned that it's warmer for him. Their mom was happy that the covers were removeable and washable. I'd say I struck a home run in the gift department this year!! Thanks, too, for the speedy delivery and followup. Couldn't be more pleased!

Life Changing!!!!

I have a multitude of chronic conditions, the least of which & the newest that I’m aware of is Restless Legs, (as well as a few issues that I’m preparing to have surgery on). I’d heard about Weighted blankets for a few years but never put any stock into it... Until we bought one for my nephew who is in a wheelchair and has issues sleeping. We bought him a weighted blanket at the suggestion of his physical therapist & it has LEGIT changed all of our lives (his & ours as care givers)!!
Anyhow I finally felt like it had been proven to me, so upon receiving my stimulus check, the First thing I did was order one for myself!! I certainly appreciated the quiz to assure I was ordering the correct weight!! (In addition to that, we now have buyers remorse about my nephews weighted blanket as it doesn’t have the pockets keeping the weights even!😳😪) Needless to say I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!
I only wish I’d have ordered the “duvet cover” that could have come with it for, I believe another $30-$40.

Great blanket!!

I must say, this is the best gift I have purchased for my wife in a long time! My wife absolutely loves this blanket! So much that she must "ration" it's use, that is, according to her, it's so comforting and relaxing she can't get anything done and just sleeps! I must say this is a great purchase.


This was too heavy for my husband who has Parkinson's but is perfect for me to get a good night's sleep unfer.

The Weighted Blanket (15 Pounds)

The Weighted Blanket (10 Pounds)

Naptime is special again

I love that it’s hefty without being something that is going to be to warm to use. It’s very substantial. I got the 20 pound one. First night I got it I slept on the couch with it. It’s great.


Great customer care! Amazing blanket!! Thank you!

The weighted blanket is top quality. Being a senior user I have found that the recommended weight is a bit much for mobility. However I can feel the benefits of the blanket. Think I will use it mostly while I watch tv or just to relax.

great weighted blanket

This is a wonderful weighted blanket. so different than others. the beads are small and don't clump up. they stay put and the weight is perfect. I have had others and this one is the best by far.

Amazing solution

I have been struggling with sleeplessness for months. I have tried all kinds of OTC remedies without results. I was ready to cave in to getting a prescription to help but decided to try this blanket instead. I haven’t had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep since!

The Best Thing I’ve Ever Bought

The title says it all. Just buy one.


The person who answered my emails was very prompt and interested and informative and generous in providing an additional blanket for free when ordered blankets were late or perhaps one of the ordered blankets

My wife has suffered from nervous leg syndrome and insomnia forever now. Meds only help minimal. I heard about this weighted blanket, ordered the 15lb and it’s been a week now she has slept with no problem!! We’re so thankful !!

filled it out once on the form y’all sent me

already did

Exquisite Quality

I decided to go with the Honeybird over a cheap Amazon alternative, and I'm so glad I did. You can see and feel the quality of this blanket immediately--the soft-touch fabric of the duvet, especially, truly is exquisite. The weight of the blanket is even and it doesn't really move around/get displaced. I use this as my inner layer and I have a light comforter on top. Perfect!

P.S. My first night sleeping with it, I was cocooned and at ease, no longer worrying if I'll be rested enough for tomorrow...I fell asleep quickly and when I woke up, I felt READY to wake up...truly rejuvenated. :) I hope all of you get the great rest too!

Perfect blanket

I purchased the ten pound blanket, and it’s perfect for me. The weight ensures that I am hugged all night.

Outstanding customer service for an equally well made blanket.

Love it!

This blanket it the best weighted blanket out there. Can’t sleep without it now!


I love it wish it came in King Size


Bought it as a gift and the receiver absolutely loves it and uses it every night. Reports he has sleep amazing every night now that he has this blanket.

Honeybird Weighted Blanket

Surpasses all expectations best quality I've ever encountered from weighted blanket 😴

Great value

I love my weighted blanket. I bought a second one for my son for his birthday. He'll love it.

Love this blanket!!!

The way the beads are sewn in to this blanket keeps them from bunching up in strange ways and the cover keeps you at the perfect temperature. I adore this blanket and have slept better than I have in years. Thank you!

I love the Honeybird Blanket . I am a senior and love that it covers like a HUG!