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i slept with it a week before i gave it to my girlfriend. we love it, helped with her insomnia and me with restlessness, now she wont give it back so i'm getting one for me!

Love it. Ordered and received my second one today, April 8, 2021

Finally, a good night’s sleep!

I usually sleep 2-3 hours a night. Since I’ve been using my blanket, I have been sleeping 6-7 hours every night. Thank you so much for making this wonderful product

The Honeybird Weighted Blanket

Balanced Weight

I have been searching for a weighted blanket for some time. It seemed no matter the cost there were always issues with the material used for weight gathering to one side after the threads sectioning it snapped or leaking out. This blanket has kept the weight balanced and I have not had any issues with threads snapping or leaking. The material is very comfortable (I did not get the duvet cover). I like the width, but the length is a litte short. It works for me but I am only 5 foot. My husband is 5'8'' and his feet stick out of it when he has it pulled up to his shoulders.

Very nice

The weight is good, and I think its definitely been helping me get to sleep faster and stay asleep. It feels wierd to use regular blankets now!

My new “bear”

I love my blanket. It’s very comfortable and durable.

It has found a home!

I gave this as a gift to my adult grandson and he loves it. Whether he’s in bed or on the couch, the blanket has become a companion. He loves it!


Would definitely recommend.

The Weighted Blanket (15 Pounds)

So happy!

This blanket is a God send. I have anxiety and insomnia and the past 3 nights sleep have been amazingly sound! So glad I purchased 💛


I have anxiety and I am in grad school and this weighted blanket is the first thing to ever make me sleep through the night! I feel well rested in the mornings and it is so comfortable that the only issue is getting out of bed in the morning! I have three weighted blankets at home from different companies, but this one is by far my favorite. I would definitely recommend buying from Honeybird.

Bought it as a gift

My husband loves the blanket!

Great blanket

Quality material, soft & really helps you get a good nights sleep.


surprised seems to cut tossing and turning and wake up somewhat wondering how good I feel


I love the blanket, it keeps me from tossing and turning so much through the night. It calms me and keeps me warm . I highly recommend it.


I love my weighted blanket. I picked the small one and am glad. It keeps me warm without overheating me. The weight is enough to get me to sleep as well as stay asleep.

Absolutely great blanket!

My wife liked my weighted blanket so much she made me order her one. These are absolutely great blankets. Go to sleep, stay a sleep!

Honeybird Weighted Blanket

I love this blanket. Very comfortable and satisfying night of rest.

Love it!

It's a wonderful product and high quality. My wife is infatuated with it, and now the grandkids have discovered it. So much so that I'm thinking of buying another one!

Sleep is so much better

I love my weighted blanket! The weight is perfect. It has definitely improved the quality of my sleep. I have better sleep scores on my fitbit.

Thank you!

My 11 year old son has been struggling with falling asleep for roughly 5 months. We tried everything to help him but nothing was working! After months of not knowing how to help him, I saw the Honeybird weighted blanket and bought it with high hopes! We purchased the 10 lb weighted blanket (he’s 90lbs)and the first night he zonked out within minutes! I seriously couldn’t believe it! He is now on his 3rd week of using it and every night he falls asleep immediately.
I did a lot of research on which blanket to get, I mean let’s be honest there are ALOT of companies out there! I didn’t want to pay a fortune for something I didn’t know would even work! I stumbled across Honeybird and loved the price and the way the website guided me to get the correct weight for him! We got the duvet cover as well, which is important as can’t really wash the blanket! The duvet came on the blanket which was super nice and actually made me smile!
I have also used his blanket and it really did calm my legs down and relax me! I think this should be called the Miracle Blanket as it really does work!

Have used for a week
Was skeptical but clearly sleeping better.
My wife tells me I no longer thrash around and talk in my sleep
My Fitbit tells me my sleeping is better quality


Sleep better than I have in a long time.
Also got rid of some
Aches and pains.
I feel like a get a deeper sleep .