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The Honeybird Weighted Blanket

I just received it today. Since I have not yet used it, I am not able to give any kind of review at this time. Feel free to contact me at a later time.

Sleeping So Much Better!

The blanket is the perfect weight at 15lbs. The cover is durable for when the dogs want to cuddle. I don't get too hot and seem to stay the perfect sleeping temperature. It puts me at ease as soon as it's on me. I'm so happy with my purchase!


I think it works as advertised, great first night sleep with it!

Best sleep

Since I have my new blanket I have the best sleep.I am happy for that I was brave enough for purchasing it. It’s a valuable investment.

Exactly what I hoped for

Perfect weight and size to help me fall asleep and stay asleep

Love it!

Great investment!
As we head into summer, I wish I’d checked out more cooling options, but that’s on me.
Perfectly happy.
If you’ve ideas on cooling weighted blankets I’m all ears!

The Weighted Blanket with Cover (20 Pounds)

My weighted blanket

I have slept better since getting my Honeybird Weighted Blanket

Best Weighted Blanket ON THE MARKET!

I love honeybird weighted blankets so much that I purchased a second one for my husband. I love the heavier option and he loves the lighter option. Great quality and makes a beautiful gift! We are sleeping more sound and feeling extra comfortable!


I like the blanket, the first one I ordered was too heavy so I ordered the next weight down and that was much better. I wish there were other colors choices. 
Another added benefit that I did not think about is that I do not have to share because it is only large enough for one so my husband is not hogging the blanket from me! Ha! Maybe that is why I’m sleeping better.

My 15# Honeybird blanket

I have used this blanket for the past 2 nights. I’m happy to report that my sleep has been comfortable and warm. It’s not too heavy but just the perfect weight. It’s easy to roll to my side under it. It looks and feels well made.
I put it over my top sheet with my summer quilt over it. Perfect warmth and weight. I’m not sure what I’ll do in the hot summer months but I’m going to try it. It doesn’t cover my entire sleeping area on my queen bed but if it did it would probably be way too heavy. I’m very happy with it.

I feel like I'm sleeping underwater

I got the blanket because I thought it would be good for my anxiety. I was sore the first few nights sleeping with it because of the heavy 20lb weight. It has taken some time to get used to. I never move when I sleep, so that helps with this blanket. I like the way it makes me feel. I feel like I'm in the water; underwater. This is a peaceful feeling, not scary. I was an avid swimmer for many years. I feel I get good rest and sleep deeper with the blanket. It does get a bit warm in the night, but that is expected this time of year. I look forward to going to bed so I can get under this blanket!

Nice blanket

Very comfortable

I have 2

I have a 15lb and a 20lb and love both. The way it’s made the beads never move around they stay in one place. I have mine in a duvet cover to keep them clean. I wouldn’t buy any other weighted blanket this is the best

Weighted Blanket = More Restful Sleep

I've only had my weighted blanket for a few days now, but already I can tell my sleep is more restful.

Great sleep!

I’ve had more restful sleep since I started using this blanket. I love It!

Ten Pounder

I’m 71 years old and have chronic pain. I have read about weighted blankets and decided to give Honeybird a try. I love being enveloped inside a cozy cocoon and most of the time go right to sleep instead of tossing and turning

Great Blanket

Exactly what I needed, great even weight!

Best Weighted Blanket EVER!

The Honeybird Weighted Blanket is the best blanket I have ever used! This is what makes their blanket a FIVE STAR blanket for me. First it helps me sleep better, keeps my body temp on the cooler side, but not too cold and I never feel overheated! The blanket is well made, soft and easy to care for with the option of a duvet cover for protection. Heck, you can buy the duvet later after you have tried the blanket hassle free and have decided that you LOVE it! My husband was sad I didn't buy one for him, and so was my adult daughter. So guess what they are getting for a surprise gift, just because I love them! I also love that you can decide between three different weights and pick the one that best suits your specific needs! Well, I hope this review is helpful in deciding to take the plunge and treat yourself and your body to something truly magical!

Excellent value and price

This was a gift for my wife and she loves it. Sleeps much better with the HoneyBird blanket. As an additional plus, she says carrying it from the bedroom to the front room and back is increasing her muscle tone, lol. This is an excellent weighted blanket, does not sag or lose its shape.

Love Honeybird!

Sent my son the 20lb weighted blanket for Easter ! He loved it so much with his sleep
So much better than ever before. Dan
In your office expidited the shipping issue ... awesome professional & so quick to respond. With that being said , ordered another for my
Hubby to experience & then I will order one for myself. Don’t like to share those precious gems. Thanks a bunch HB team.. you make an awesome product that is greatly improves sleep health & wellbeing 💖


i slept with it a week before i gave it to my girlfriend. we love it, helped with her insomnia and me with restlessness, now she wont give it back so i'm getting one for me!

Love it. Ordered and received my second one today, April 8, 2021

Finally, a good night’s sleep!

I usually sleep 2-3 hours a night. Since I’ve been using my blanket, I have been sleeping 6-7 hours every night. Thank you so much for making this wonderful product