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Great Product

I just love my new Honeybird weighted blanket. Very well made and really helped me sleep better. I highly recommend.

Please tell me how I can return I cannot use it

I never would have thought…..

I love this blanket, I had no idea what a weighed blanket was or what a difference it could make to my sleep. Having this blanket helps me sleep deeper and longer. It’s only been three weeks. But now I know what I’ve been missing out on.

The Honeybird Duvet Cover
Vera Zacharopoulos
Sleep comes easily

The weight of my blanket tucks me in every night and prepares me for a sound sleep.


It’s very helpful.

Cozy .....even in a summer heat

The difference in 10 lbs and 15:is huge ....made so perfectly ...nothing sloppy about these blankets.well worth the investment

Loving this blanket!!!

This blanket is awesome! When I do lounge it is very comfortable. I totally recommend.

Weighted blanket

Blanket is amazing—I haven’t slept this deeply in ages! If I do wake up at night, I will go right back to sleep.

Weighted Blanket

My new blanket is great. I am not tossing and turning at night. My blankets no longer ends up on the floor. Very happy.


Love the weighted blanket, great quality!


Warm and Cozy, no more cold feet.

Super blanket

Grandkids love grandson claimed it.

Love it. Have to fight my over it.

Great blanket!

The blanket is great!

Excellent gift for Mother's day

My fiance' loves her Honeybird weighted blanket! It relaxes her and eases stress after our 10 hour shifts at work. I will probably get her a cover for it this winter. Great product and fast shipping.

Customer Service


Just arrived

Just arrived.
Worth the wait.
It is everything you
I am under it right now.
First impression ?
I may never move again.

Great product and service

I am impressed with the quality of the product and the customer service I received when ordering. I would recommend this blanket to anyone looking for a comfy, awesome weighed blanket.

Best sleep

I’m relaxed and ready to tackle my day headstrong and body well rested

Love the blanket

Was sceptical at 1st
But TOTALLY worth every penny

The Honeybird Weighted Blanket

3rd one

i purchased 3 and we all love them!

Love it and the customer service!

First of all the blanket is amazing. My husband sleeps great with it and it has a great calming affect of me! When we wanted to buy just a duvet cover for the one we already had I purchased on a page that shouldn’t have allowed me too. The contacted me immediately and offered to refund me or send a new blanket with a cover! So now we are both blissfully 💤

The Honeybird Weighted Blanket
Just ordered my blanket, can't wait to see its.benefit.

Good price.


I have slept so well since getting my Honeybird weighted blanket... it’s incredible! It’s all I need on the bed for myself... goodbye to countless sheets and blankets that make me too hot. Just the right size for one person (and my cat) to snuggle.