The Ultimate Weighted Blanket Guide

This blanket with tens of thousands of customers and 5-star reviews is the hottest gift of 2020!

Updated Sep. 2, 2020 | Jen Porter

1. How it Works

✅ ~10% of your body weight
✅ Deep, relaxing pressure
✅ Mimics a comfortable hug
✅ Promotes relaxation

✅ Reduces anxiety and stress
✅ Helps you fall and stay asleep

2. The Research

"4 out of 5 say they slept longer and felt better"

"Slept longer and spent less time awake in the middle of the night"

"Reduced the time it took to fall asleep"

"Better sleep and feeling more refreshed"

"Reduced the number of middle-of-the-night awakenings"

"Steady sensory input and pressure can reduce the body’s physiological arousal level, leading to a reduction in feelings of anxiety and tension."

"One of our most powerful tools for helping people who are anxious"

Link to research.

3. Designing the Perfect Weighted Blanket

Two-Layer Design

Honeybird's weighted blanket comes in two parts: the weighted blanket and an optional duvet cover. The duvet cover is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Micro Glass Bead Filling

Micro glass beads make your weighted blanket heavy without adding bulk, noise, or texture. They are secured between layers of poly-fill, so you won't feel them.

Other manufacturers use cheap, larger plastic pellets for their filling. These are bulky, can be felt through the fabric, and make a ton of noise.

4" Grid Pockets

The glass beads are held in place in secure 4 inch pockets arranged in a diamond pattern. This ensures the weight is evenly distributed and contours to your body.

Other weighted blankets use much larger pockets because it is cheaper to manufacture. These large pockets cause the beads to shift to one side of the pocket resulting in poor weight distribution.

Cooling Cotton Cover

Honeybird has the most innovative weighted blanket cover in the industry. One side is a soft, cooling cotton layer. This side goes against your skin to keep you cool. The other side is a proprietary fabric blend that is plush and cozy. This side is designed to look great no-matter where you keep your blanket.

Thin Design

The compact nature of the micro glass beads and smart cover design allowed us to create the thinnest weighted blanket out there. This makes Honeybird much easier to move around than the competition. The thin profile also keeps you from overheating by minimizing the blanket's density. Other blankets feel like a giant and unwieldy bean bag, Honeybird feels like an actual blanket.

Eight Duvet Ties

Other weighted blankets with just four ties have problems with the weight shifting and sliding to one side of the blanket.

Honeybird designed their blanket with eight ties that securely hold the weights in place.

Throw Size

Honeybird's weighted blanket is throw size (51’’ by 75’’) for personal use. This is because you want the weight to be as concentrated as possible over the body. If the blanket is too big, most of the weight will be off the body on the bed or couch. Even worse, if part of the blanket hit the floor it would drag the rest of the blanket down with it.

4. Tens of Thousands of Happy Customers

"I have never ever dealt with a more responsive, kind & communicative customer service representative"

"I've had trouble sleeping for several years. I would get up a few times every night. Sometimes it took me hours to fall asleep. I finally tried a weighted blanket and am waking up less often and falling asleep faster."

"Love this blanket. It’s perfect for decreasing stress and instantly making me feel more calm. I’ve bought it as a gift for my mom who said it was her favorite gift in a long time."

"I wish I had tried it sooner. I feel so safe underneath the weighed blanket. I also find myself tossing and turning a lot less and staying asleep longer."

"These blankets are the best. I was hesitant but I am so glad I took the plunge. My husband and I are very impressed on how our sleep is better. I definitely recommend."

"Wonderful Company! I got my blanket and it was to heavy so I called the company and they immediately took care of me without hesitation. They shipped me out a lighter weight blanket and took the old one back."

"I’ve struggled with anxiety-related insomnia my whole life, and sleeping with a weighted blanket definitely helps. Under this blanket it takes me about fifteen minutes to fall asleep! That never happens!"

"This company wants nothing more than their customers to be totally happy!!!"

"I’ve had insomnia since high school but the Honeybird blanket cured that. Life changing! One added bonus—best customer service ever!"

"Best sleep in a LONG time and GREAT customer service!"

"I can't stress enough how wonderful this blanket has been since it arrived to me."

"I am contemplating getting my blanket its very own suitcase to make traveling with it easy. For me, it truly doesn't get any better than this."

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